Printing out the Internet

A crowdsourced project to literally print out the entire internet.

~~ In memory of Aaron Swartz ~~


LABOR, UbuWeb and Kenneth Goldsmith invite you to participate in the first-ever attempt to print out the entire internet.

The idea is simple: print out as much as of the web as you want — be it one sheet or a truckload — send it to Mexico City, and we’ll display it in the gallery for the duration of the exhibition, which runs from July 26 to August 30, 2013.

The process is entirely open: If it exists online and is printed out, it will be accepted.  Every contributor will be listed as a participating artist  in the show and will be listed on this Tumblr.

What you decide to print out is up to you — as long as it exists somewhere online, it’s in. We’re not looking for creative interpretations of the project. We don’t want objects. We just want shitloads of paper. We’re literally looking for folks to print out the entire internet.  We have over 500 square meters of space to fill, with ceilings that are over 6 meters high.

There are many ways to go about this: you can act alone (print out your own blog, Gmail inbox or spam folder) or you could organize a group of friends to print out a particular corner of the internet, say, all of Wikipedia, the entire New York Times archive, every dossier leaked by Wikileaks for starters. The more the better. 

Print out the internet. Post it to Mexico City.

 Send your printouts to LABOR in Mexico City by July 15th:



Francisco Ramírez #5

Col. Daniel Garza

Del. Miguel Hidalgo 11830

México D.F.


At the conclusion of the show, the entire archive will be recycled. No materials can be returned. 





~~ Information. Lots of it. And free to all. ~~


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